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Craven Physical Therapy & Spine is dedicated to offering one-on-one service to you for your specific injury or rehabilitative need. Every patient is treated as an individual, so therapy programs may include a variety of traditional services to modern and at-home therapies, all which are designed to help you manage your recovery.

Our Services

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrodiagnostic Testing (EMG/NCV studies)

  • Spinal Rehabilitation

  • Decompression/Traction Table

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy

  • Sports Medicine

  • Neurological Rehab

  • Balance Training

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Gait Analysis

  • Core Stabilization/Strengthening

  • Total Joint Rehabilitation

  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Cardiovascular Training/Exercise

Traditional physical therapy services are available to all patients, and range from the rehab of a total joint replacement (e.g. shoulder, hip or knee) to a rotator cuff repair. But one will also find unique services including EMG/NCV testing, vestibular and balance therapy, core stabilization, mechanical diagnosis therapy, and TMD (temporomandibular disorder) rehab as well. Patient education includes the use of eraser boards, customized computer-generated home exercise programs, and most importantly, one-on-one collaboration with your evaluating physical therapist.

Our computerized documentation system produces legible, organized patient charts to allow for improved communication with patients, physicians, and insurers. While you will find customary therapy equipment in our state-of-the-art gym, you will also find some novel equipment as well, including Hill laboratories REPEX, REPEX II, RATH mechanical treatment tables and Triton Decompression/traction table. At Craven Physical Therapy & Spine, we feel our service will set us apart and we look forward to having an opportunity to prove it to you.


Our treatment approach is comprehensive and evidence-based. Patient education, including home exercise programs, manual "hands-on" therapy, and therapeutic exercise, are the mainstays of the clinical care that you will receive. Craven Physical Therapy & Spine also offers state-of-the-art modality treatments, providing ultrasound, electrical stimulation, (LLLT) Low-Level Laser Therapy, Iontophoresis, and vasopneumatic procedures in the most comfortable and effective manner possible.

In addition to our central open floor plan, we have committed separate sections for cardiovascular, work hardening, and sports-specific training. Our closed-door, private treatment rooms offer confidentiality during assessments, as well as a place for treatment for patients who prefer privacy. We are excited to be the first therapy clinic in this area to offer Hill laboratories REPEX, REPEX II, RATH mechanical treatment tables and Triton Decompression/traction table as a treatment option to our patients. These innovative tables are excellent tools that assist our therapists in providing world-class care.

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